CREED PHOTO: Blog en-us (C) CREED PHOTO (CREED PHOTO) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT CREED PHOTO: Blog 120 79 Kate & Colin Sneak Peek Kate and Colin had a wedding that in the words of the bride was " a party with a ceremony thrown in"! 

The venue was 5226 Elm Street. The mood lighting was spectacular. From the hanging lights in the garden above the beautiful koi pond to the flashing balls in the floral vases, this wedding shouted FUN!

This was exactly what the bride wanted. As the guests walked in the bride greeted them in a cocktail dress and the groom in his Tuxedo imprinted t-shirt. They spared no expense to make sure the guests knew it was time to party! This was going to be the best night of their lives.

As the night went on the bride and groom slipped out and changed into their formal wedding attire and surprised the guests with a musical introduction from the movie THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Not only did they have the musical introduction, but in walked the priest from the movie. Everyone was so puzzled as the priest made his way to the front from the back of the crowd.  Once the bride and groom had made their way to the platform the priest began "Mawiage, is what bwings us togeva today...". Family and friends were howling with laughter. Colin proceeded to tell the priest, "This is not what we asked for..." off walked the priest and in walked Whoopie Goldberg from the movie SISTER ACT in her flashy habit, singing her song. Then there was Elvis, a cowgirl, and a goth. Finally, the groom's cousin came in and performed a heart touching ceremony. 

After the ceremony the party got back into full swing as everyone was invited to the reception hall for a Maryland/Texas style dinner.  

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I watched the bride and groom have their first dance and saw the look in the eyes of all the little children watching. I'm sure some of the little girls are going to have this wedding in the back of their minds as they plan their dream wedding.

Kate and Colin, I wish you all the best! May true love follow you forever and ever!




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A Swingin' Engagement Session with Chad & Christian I had the opportunity to photograph these two beautiful people who happen to be wonderful friends of mine! Chad and Christian are SO in LOVE! It is seeping out of their skin! The most meaningful part of this engagement session was that Chad met Christian swing dancin' in downtown Dallas. They have some awesome moves and very soon they will be dancin' down the aisle as an awesome duo! Love you guys and thanks for choosing me to capture your engagement portraits!

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Allison & Eric Tie the Knot On September 7, 2013, I was privileged to travel to Choctaw, OK to capture the wedding of Allison and Eric. It was so special to get to know their families and to learn of the love and dedication they have for each other. I wish them the best as they start the wonderful journey that is marriage. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of your big day!

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Roen turns 4 After an exhausting weekend photographing a beautiful wedding I had the opportunity to take some portraits of the one and only Roen! He turned four and his mom really wanted some portraits to remember that trademark year in his life. Or are they for blackmail? Well, needless to say we had a blast following around this little ball of energy. Let me tell you, this kid has so many faces! I loved getting the opportunity to shoot some awesome portraits for a mother to treasure for years to come! ENJOY.

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#spencebestdayever Gabriel and Michelle were married on a hot summer day at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church. They used Jacoby Hall as their venue.  Seventy of their family and friends gathered to take part in the beautiful vintage wedding.  From the sprinkle covered cake (Michelle’s dream cake) to the vintage light bulbs sitting on the grand piano, this wedding was perfect.  Michelle looked stunning in her simple and elegant gown and Gabriel was looking fresh in his plaid shirt, skinny tie, and chuck taylor’s.  This wedding was very unique and I am so happy I got to take part in the joining of these two together for life! I wish you both a long and happy marriage!

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Stetson This little guy was very co-operative tonight! We had a blast getting this tiny cowboy all geared up to ride.  Here's a tiny sneak peek of the shoot from tonight.

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DECOR TO YOUR DOOR This past Monday I was able to do another quick shoot of DECOR TO YOUR DOOR'S new inventory.  Christine, the creator of decor to your door, loves to have photos with tons of imagination. I love shooting different shots for her and getting the imagery she seeks for her advertising needs.  If you live in the Flower Mound, TX area you should most definitely check out her store in the Highland Village shops. She is also online at

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